How we will work on your special day.

After the magic question is popped and the tears run down your face as you then realize that your life is about to change for the best. You call every friend and family member to spread the exciting news about the engagement. The wedding planning process begins and you feel the stress pile up as your special day gets near and near. One thing we want to do here is to make sure that your day is covered in the most special way. Booking a photographer shouldn't be a worrisome part of planning your big day. We would like to ensure you that we will do everything in our power to make sure your day has captured with not only our vision but including yours as well. MillaCreationsz is extreamly bride friendly. We understand the groom is important as well; that is where we teach the first lesson to the groom that if the wife is happy then your life will be happy. 

Booking stage

The booking process is very simple. Simply send us an email with your names and the date your inquiring about as the subject (ex. Sarah & John Elmway | 10-23-16.) In the email we would like for you guys to introduce yourselves and we will introduce ourselves in return. We will do this to get a connection with you personally and not just on a business level. This helps us get a better feel of the details so when your day arrives we know exactly what drives your relationship to help us better capture the background story on your day. We will then give some basic questions to fill out along with packing information for you to choose from. After this is sorted out we then communicate up to your date with ideas to get on the same level of understanding before you say "I DO."

Wedding day

On your wedding day your last minute errands and potential late changes can distract you from how beautiful your day really is. You may sometimes forget what the day is all about with the simplest things that creep in. We will be there to ensure you that your day will run smooth no matter what happens. We have two shooters at all times therefore we cover more ground. Rebekka Reese will cover the early preparations with the bride and bridesmaids. Milla Reese will be with the groom and the groomsmen. These photos on both ends after it is all over will come together to create a story that each of you never knew happened before the wedding. During the ceremony we usually shoot with one down the middle of the isle and the other off to the side. If this is a problem for your special day we have no problem creating other ways that will still capture the very moments that you will never forget.  

Turn around time

After your day is all said and done its off to your honeymoon destination. We like to provide a few shots online for a sneak peak to build the anticipation. It usually takes about two to three weeks at the maximum to receive all of your final photos back. Extra prints, wedding books, and other requests may take longer.

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