About Me

Marque "Milla" Reese was born a humble ambitious child on the south side of Tifton, Georgia, Milla has always had a vision to see things differently than others as he drew out his imagination in each of his classrooms. He went through numerous potential career choices before finding "the one", the dream of becoming a photographer; this love sparked after picking up his first camera on Thanksgiving morning in 2009 and he never looked back. Taking his company to many heights, he only dreams of taking his company higher throughout the passing years by never settling and always looking for ways to take things to the next level. With the helpful hand of his wife, Rebekka Reese, Milla strives to help anyone along the same path, who shares the same love of the art of photography, welcomes them with encouragement and will do anything to help get them to the next level.


My Inspiration/Wife/Partner

(photo by: Glori Beaufort)